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Ornamantal Aluminum Fences

Arched top Industrial Weight Drive Gate

The fence should flow over the ground

For the sophisticated look, there is nothing that compares to the timeless beauty of Ornamental Aluminum fences.

For the property owner, whether they’re residential or commercial, may want more than "just a fence." To enhance a front entrance to a relatively large property Aluminum can be very appealing. When used in a combination of a variety of landscapes, a statement of beauty and formality can be reached, which never fails to draw the admiration of on lookers.

One reason our ornamental aluminum fences are a popular choice is that they satisfy the building code bylaws regarding swimming pools and safety. With the appropriate gate hardware, our aluminum enclosure will fulfill all swimming pool enclosure requirements. It will also allow the swimmers to appreciate the outdoor surroundings.

The style and the beauty of the Aluminum fence are limited only by the owner's imagination. Contact M & R Fence today at 816-456-9761 or complete our online request form for a FREE ESTIMATE

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Standard gate 5 foot height

Great Pool Fence

White, but not too much white.  Nice and clean.  Vinyl fence, especially privacy style can be a little glaring.

Residential Weight Arched Top Gate

The worst installation EVER and  tens of thousands of dollars spent to get it!  This was done by a large and allegedly reputable fence company.  With big fence companies, often times, it's a hit and miss proposition, due largely to the fact that there are so many cooks.  I won't mention any names because I don't make my living bashing others.  Just know that if M&R works at your house it will most definitely NOT look like this!  One cook spoils no broth.


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